Guadalajara Bullion Exchange is the premier precious metals dealer serving the needs of Guadalajara’s expat community.

For calculation of metals spot prices we use BID/ASK.

Precious metals, especially silver, have a strong history of monetary use in Mexico. Coinage meant for general circulation in Mexico was minted with silver up until 1979. Most other countries had removed silver from circulating coinage at least a decade prior.

Even today, most of the populace remembers the circulation of coinage that contained some form of precious metals, and many of the people retain at least a small amount of this old coinage in personal and family collections.

Furthermore, precious metal coins are available at most exchange houses throughout the country, and can be found available for sale all along the exchange district on Calle Manuel López Cotilla in Guadalajara.

Unfortunately, however, trading in the precious metal coinage is relatively thin. Exchangers maintain fairly low liquidity, inventory of available coins is not conducive to larger purchases, and the buy/sell spreads are fairly wide. The fact that pesos must be used for both purchases and sales can also increase the spread due to the exchange rates charged for conversion of dollars into pesos (and vice versa). English is not widely spoken.

Thus the need for our services. If you are in Guadalajara and are looking to buy or sell bullion, contact us. Chances are that we can beat any offer (whether buying or selling) that you would receive at a traditional exchange house.

Whether you are looking to purchase gold or silver bullion coins or rounds, or even to obtain collectible numismatic coins, we are the preferred source for bullion in Guadalajara. We also buy precious metals in nearly any form (coins, medallions, rounds, bars, jewelry, etc).

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With presence in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and Guadalajara, Mexico we are the largest precious metals dealer in Central America.
Guadalajara Bullion Exchange primarily serves precious metals buyers and sellers in Guadalajara, but we have done business with clients throughout Mexico that could not find an english speaking coin dealer in their home town. So whether you are looking to buy gold, buy silver, sell gold, sell silver, or buy or sell any other precious metals, contact us. Chances are high that we can find what you are looking for. If you are located in Nicaragua, contact our Nicaragua gold dealer. If you are located in Costa Rica, contact our Costa Rica gold dealer. If you are located in Panama, contact our Panama gold dealer.